Mar 2016

An Introduction to Food Labelling (inc. FIC)

Half Day course including break for refreshments

Course Outline

Introduction to Current E.U. Legislation
Introduction to the course together with a brief introduction to the food legislation applicable in Ireland, including the new Food Information to Consumers Regulation which is now in force.

Name of the Food
Introduction to the various reserved descriptions and legal names for foods including the new product name provisions of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation.

The Ingredients List inc. QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declarations)
Review of the rules on ingredients listing and QUID, including the exemptions from these rules

Allergen Labelling
When and where to declare allergens on the label, including the new requirements introduced by the Food Information to Consumers Regulation.

The Food Label Checklist
Detailing the mandatory labelling requirements including the date mark, instructions for use, field of vision, minimum font size and legibility etc.

Nutrition Labelling
Information on the current nutrition labelling rules, including the mandatory provisions under the Food Information to Consumers Regulation

Nutrition & Health Claims
Short overview of the developing EU controls on health and nutrition claims, including an explanation of the differences between the two.

Workshop – Label Check
Short exercise in putting together a legal food label, and the process of checking specification, pack copy and artwork.

The Design & Print Process
An overview of the process involved in commissioning a designer and choosing a printer for your labels, including advice on getting the best from of this process. Includes input from an experienced designer and local printers

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